Finding the right solution for you

Sometimes untangling the knotted ball of wool that your life, mind and body have become is all too hard to do by yourself.

You might not know even where to start!

That's where Catch The Calm comes in

I will help you find where to start.  No matter where you are at now.  I will help you to quieten your mind, be able to think clearly, and move towards living the life you want.

We can do this together

My qualifications and professional counselling and mindfulness experience enable me to help others self help themselves.

But it's my own life journey, both the good and not so good times, that really enable me to effectively help others. 

That's because I understand. 

That's because I have empathy.

That's because I have had to apply 

my knowledge and skills to myself.  

That's because I've been there.  

Maybe what I've been through isn't the same as you, but I know how to get through tough times, and how to enjoy the good times more. 

I can help you get through challenges and find the opportunities to have the life you want.

Contact Jude at Catch The Calm

Tell me what 'tangled ball of wool' you are dealing with. We can really do this together!

Helping you live the life you want!

I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You wont regret reaching out to me.

The journey begins with one step.